Colored plates & circles

Colored plates and circles can be used as a central part of the design to emphasize a specific message, for example the size of a vacancy.

If there is no image, let the headline dominate the surface and add colores plates/cirlces to emphasize your message. When adding coloured plates on a white background the plates should be close to fully filled and may be layered or overlapping. The core message should be written inside/in connection to the plate in order to create the right effect. When adding colored plates/circles on white/plain backgrounds, please use 80-90% opacity on the plate/circle. The effect needs to be visible but subtle.

On image


Colored plates/circles can also be added on an image in order to make it feel more “Newsec” and create a greater profundity. When using colored plates or circles on an image, make sure that it is close to transparent and that the plates only cover part of the image. When adding colored plates/circles on images, please use 70% opacity on the plates/circle.