The Newsec house color palette has five vibrant accent colors (Green, Blue, Magenta, Red and Sun) along with one complementary color (Grey). Each of the house colors has five shades. 

The dominant background palette is white, with graphic elements in one of the accents colors along with our complementary grey which is more subtle.

Accent colors may be used to draw particular attention to key details, for example part of a headline of a phone number. When using accent colors - use one and combine with different tones of the same color along with Newsec grey, white and black, but never more than one accent color at the time.

Download the complete color chart here

Background colors

The greys and black help make a more subtle impression. Use it in part of the typography and other graphic elements.

The creme color can be used for full backgrounds to simulate an off-white paper both in print and in digital media. It is however no necessity. Both high white and creme color work well alongside each other.

Charts and graphs

For charts and graphs we use different color schemes dependent on number of series (maximum four or eight), in order to accommodate readability. 

Example of a bar chart using Newsec's colors