An image bank exclusive to Newsec is being built, but will not be available through this manual. Please consult your Newsec contact for further directions.

All vector illustration, such as maps and floor plans and should be clear, informative and to the point – never used for decoration.

Newsec has 71 custom made icons. These are intended to simplify and enforce the messages in our external and internal communication and to increase brand recognition. The icons can be used in black, white or any of the Newsec colors.

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How and when to use icons

Place the symbol in connection to the word or message you want to emphasize. Please note that it is important that the symbol used should complement the message that you want to convey. Keep your designs clean and do not overuse these icons.

When using an icon in connection to a main headline - make sure that the size of the icon is no more than 1/4-1/3 of the size of the main headline. 

Never use dingbats, generic Office clip-art or conceptual Google search images (not even for informal, internal messages).