These are our basic layout principles: 

  • Keep the layout clean 
  • The headline is the key, it may be the only ”image” you need 
  • Save the playful typographic solutions for the right moment (not too often) 
  • Type is left- or right aligned, never centred
  • White space is fine, don’t fear it 
  • Logotype and byline are placed apart
  • Never include design elements for decoration (exept for the Newsec icons)
  • Green, blue, magenta, red and sun are accents 
  • Only crème, black and the grey are used as backgrounds 
  • Images are placed freely but should be used reasonably  
  • If more than one image, contrasting sizes are good 
  • No outlining, titling or framing of images 
  • You may pair images (cropping two into one)