The Newsec logotype is a solid brick, always visible and easily recognizable due to its density. 
Recommended print size (logo width)
• A5: 25 mm
• A4: 37 mm
• A3: 45 mm
All smaller formats are proportionally scaled according to the A5 size. All larger formats are proportionally scaled according to the A3 size. Minimum size: 10 mm (logo width)

Exception: on our stationery we keep the logotype and type size consistent regardless of format.

To download logotype in png format, please click here

To download logotype in eps format, please click here. 


Follow the template if there is one.

Place the logotype within the layout grid, aligned with either the headline or the bottom elements. The right hand side of a layout (top, middle or bottom) is preferred.

• CMYK for 4-color printing
• RGB for all screen media
• BW for black-and-white and spot color printing (PMS)
• BW is also used for sign making (RAL) and painting (NCS)

Use OUTLINE-versions according to the above for the occasional placement on black background only.

Always use the correct logotype file and never make alterations to it. The logotype may never be reversed or set in a different color.

However, on rare occasions you may need to adhere to certain material or cost restrictions. Two accepted solutions in this case are:

• Blind embossing (no print)
• One color cut-outs (milky white or stainless brushed steel) 

For logo treatments in motion graphics, please refer to the motion graphics section.

When putting the Newsec logo on a branded give-away, the Newsec logo should be placed apart from the product brand.