Depth of field & motion blur

Using depth-of-field and motion blur may be a way to add depth and make your composition more cohesive. Focus pulls where objects come into or out of focus can be effective to stage your story.

Camera work in animation

To make animated productions less static and more organic, subtle secondary camera motion can be great. A small camera shake can bring life into a too static animation. Key messages and logos often benefit from a barely noticeable push-in.

Transitional animation (advanced)

In order to illustrate the concept The Full Service Perspective, where we claim to see things others don’t, we can work with transitional animation. In this context we are referring to animation techniques, which move us through the story while making one scene transitioning into the next in a unique and unexpected, yet fluid, way. This can illustrate contrast and opposites by turning a relatively small object in scene A, into a huge object in scene B. In an animated universe we can illustrate that the closer we look at the details, the wider our perspective on the context becomes.