All image communication for Newsec should be made in an authentic, recognizable and positive manner in which real people act in real-life situations. As a photographer, you should capture the situation and especially the interaction between people. Buildings, cities and means of transport should be portrayed in an recognizable way, without excessive angles or heavy image processing. The viewer should experience a warm, recognizable and positive feeling.

The images will be used both internally and externally, need to work online as well as in print and for several of Newsec’s stakeholders. Furthermore, it is important that they can convey a message on their own or in connection with copy. The images should also contain a diversity in terms of both models and ethnicity. The location may be a specific city or region, but the images should aim to be more general so that they can be used more widely in communication.


  • Scandinavian, documentary, authentic
  • Real people in real settings
  • Situation-based images, not staged


  • Natural colors
  • Slightly lower saturation and a slightly warm tone all over
  • No excessive vignettes or contrast
  • Wide angle may be used if the people in the picture don’t get warped
  • Zoomed-in images may be used if there is still a proximity to the object
  • The images should include, if possible, foreground, midline and background to get a depth
  • Include natural errors, so that the picture is not perfect, for example a coffee stain on the table

Models & People

  • Diversity in expression, style and ethnicity
  • Contrasting style - please mix a suit with something that stands out like a tattoo alternatively a rugged environment or vice versa - a rougher outfit in a very polished environment.
  • People do not necessarily have to laugh but should have a warm expression in their eyes or face


  • Portrait and landscape images in a varied ratio 2:3, 4:3 or 16:9

What to avoid

  • The feeling of artificial lightning
  • Direct sun on people or sharp contrast in people’s faces
  • Strong perspective above and below or extreme angle / fisheye
  • Staged images or images where people look straight into the camera
  • Logotypes and advertisements when shooting in public environments