1. Byline (InterstateWGL Light) 

- Black, white or grey 
- All caps with a +40 letter spacing, in black, white or grey. 
- Placed apart from the logotype, preferably in a corner of the layout aligning with other type or images.

2. Main headlines (ads, covers, intro to bigger sections) InterstateWGLComp OTF

- All caps, tight letter spacing 
- Tight leading, approx. 90% (example: type size 50 pt, leading 45 pt) 
- Black, grey and one accent color. 
- Right or left aligned, never centered 
- Make it big! If there is no image, let the headline dominate the surface. 
- How to calculate your leading: Start with type size and multiply it by 0,9 to get the leading. You may simplify the outcome to keep it clean and avoid decimals: 48/42 pts, 150/130 pts.

3. Introduction/preamble InterstateWGL Light and Bold OTF
- Upper case 
- Left aligned 
- Black, or grey, or both

4. Sub headlines InterstateWGL Bold OTF
- Upper and lower case 
- Left aligned 
- Black, or grey, or one accent colors, but never combined

5. Body copy InterstateWGL or Light OTF
- Upper and lower case 
- Black 
- Left aligned or justified

Information blocks InterstateWGL or/and Light OTF
- Upper and lower case 
- Black, grey or / and accent color 
- Lines and background solids in grey or accent color 
- Right aligned, left aligned or justified

Information blocks headlines, pagina and pay-offs InterstateWGL OTF
- Upper case 
- Use approximately +40 letter spacing 
- Black or grey 
- Right or left aligned

Note: We use only the Open Type versions of Interstate to ensure seamless cross platform performance. All other versions (PostScript etc) may cause problems. Interstate cannot be downloaded from this site due to its licensing. Please contact Newsec for assistance or obtain your license through myfonts.com

Type for Office and other generic software 
Interstate is the default typeface in our office template, and it is installed on all Newsec computers. Please note however that it is not a standard typeface available on any computer. As a consequence, when you distribute files to people outside of Newsec you should use the pdf-format. If you need to send editable files to someone outside Newsec, Arial and Arial Bold should be used.

Type for web 
Generic type accepted by most browsers and computers are used for all editable, dynamic text. Accepted typefaces: Arial, Arial Bold, Helvetica and Verdana

Note: The house type Interstate may be used in all PDF documents for download as well as for any main graphics that is converted into web compatible images (PNG and JPG).