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Newsec and Tuloskiinteistöt join forces from 1 January 2016

The Tuloskiinteistöt Oy staff, together with Managing Director Matti Ahrelma, joined Newsec Advice Oy on 1 January 2016. All Tuloskiinteistöt Oy's ongoing projects and assignments will be managed together in accordance with the corresponding contracts.

Matti Ahrelma has been appointed partner of Newsec Advice Oy and a new eight- person team has been created in Newsec transactions under the name Commercial Brokerage.

The Commercial Brokerage team will be responsible for the more challenging brokerage and user transactions of various development properties and property owners and funds. The operation will expand beyond the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Newsec Tampere branch will join the Commercial Brokerage team.

The unit will be headed by Matti Ahrelma, LKV, MRICS, partner, with Markku Turunen, LKV, partner, continuing as Regional Director in Tampere. The new team will consist of eight property transaction professionals.

Advisory services for larger property arrangements, for institutions, foreign investors and investment funds, for example, will continue to be provided by the Capital Markets team. The team will remain under the leadership of Mikko Tenhola, MRICS, partner. The Capital Markets team consists of six property transaction and financing professionals.

Commercial property leasing will also be provided with reinforcements. Lea Poijärvi, LKV, partner, will stay on as Director of Leasing. Property valuations and analyses will continue as normal in Newsec Valuation Oy under the leadership of Hannu Ridell, MRICS, partner.

“With Matti Ahrelma at the helm, Tuloskiinteistöt Oy has in recent years become the market leader in the brokerage of smaller development properties and development properties outside the Helsinki metropolitan region that are harder to sell. This is a difficult property transaction segment and we have found that there is a demand for this among our clients. We are now able to offer this,” explains Juhani Reen, Managing Director.

“The large organisation makes it possible for Newsec to offer clients a more versatile range of services than ever before in all matters related to properties, both in transactions and in leasing. We are the only service provider in Finland to offer such a wide range of commercial property services,” says Matti Ahrelma, Head of Commercial Brokerage.

“The new Commercial Brokerage team will reinforce and expand the property transaction services that Newsec offers to its clients. Full Service Property Housepledge now also applies to transactions in which investors are mainly local, property developers and user-buyers,” says Mikko Tenhola, Head of Capital Markets.

For further information, please contact:Juhani Reen, Managing Director, Newsec Advice Oy Phone: + 358 50 1696, e-mail:

Matti Ahrelma, Head of Commercial Brokerage, Newsec Oy Phone: +358 400 320999, e-mail:

Kai Keituri, Executive Chairman, Newsec OyPhone: +358 400 400930, e-mail:

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