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Newsec Asset Management - the green property manager

Newsec Asset Management, one of the leading property managers in Sweden, is among the first property managers in the country to have received environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001 for its environmental management system. At the same time, Newsec Asset Management is launching two new environmental services. Furthermore Newsec Asset Management has joined the Sweden Green Building Council in order to develop and influence the work regarding environment and sustainability initiatives in the industry.

As the "Green property manager", Newsec Asset Management wants to take responsibility for reducing the impact on climate and contribute toward sustainable development. One part of this work was to receive environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001.

"We have a strong commitment amongst our employees, which is necessary in order to gain the best results from our environmental efforts. Our environmental work is a living process that can’t be stopped. To be able to develop and influence the industry's environmental and sustainability work, we have become members of the Sweden Green Building Council," says Björn Lindeborg, CEO of Newsec Asset Management AB.

In parallel with receiving the environmental certification, Newsec Asset Management is launching two new environmental services. - Environmental classification of buildings and an environmental statement service. Furthermore, Newsec Asset Management is investigating the possibilities for introducing green leases - enabling property owners, managers and tenants to take responsibility for the environment.

"It feels right for us to become the green property manager. Carl-Robert Kårell, our newly recruited Environmental Coordinator, is already working at full speed with the environmental classification of a number of properties, in close cooperation with our clients," says Ove Nordqvist, Director Business and Operations Development at Newsec Asset Management.

"We are very pleased that our partner, Newsec Asset Management, has received the environmental certification and is launching new green environmental services for its customers. Together with Newsec Asset Management, we have classified our first property: Pegasus 6 in Stockholm in accordance with Miljöbyggnad (Environmentally Classified Building*), and more are in planned to follow," says Björn Gustafsson, Property Manager at Folksam Property.* A Swedish assessment system, adapted to Swedish conditions

For more information please contact:Björn Lindeborg, CEO Newsec Asset Management AB, +46 8 558 050 30Cecilia Ahlquist, Head of Information, Newsec Asset Management AB, +46 708 24 40 35

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