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Newsec launches its operations in the Baltics

Following the acquisition of additional shares of Re&Solution in 2009, Newsec announces its fully integrated operations in the Baltic region.Re&Solution is now rebranded to Newsec.Following this rebranding, Newsec becomes the master brand for six countries including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Norway.“The Baltic region is a key market for several of our customers and for us and it is vital that we can support both existing and potential clients already established in the Baltic region, or those that want to enter the Baltic market,” says Newsec’s CEO, Patrik Enblad.“Taking into account close Baltic and Scandinavian business cooperation, this step certainly will strengthen and expand Newsec real estate market positions, especially those investors, developers, partners, which are coming by origin from Scandinavia. We look forward to jointly developing our international and local offering further to various players in the property sector,” says Ricardas Cepas, MD of Newsec Baltics.Newsec is one of Europe’s most in-demand property consulting companies. Re&Solution is an independent advisor in property and finance, with a broad base of Baltic and international customers. The company was founded in 2003 and currently has several offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The operation, which has 65 employees, reported growing sales and positive profitability despite the highly challenging market climate.Newsec is owned by Stronghold Invest, along with Niam, one of the leading real estate private equity firms in Northern Europe, and Datscha, the leading provider of services for information and analysis of commercial properties in Sweden and Finland.For further information, please contact:Niklas Alm, Communication and Marketing Director, Tel: +46 8 70824 40 88

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Annika Wahlund Communication Manager