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Newsec strengthens presence in Denmark

Newsec is strengthening its offering in Denmark through a co-operation with Egeskov & Lindquist, under the brand Newsec..The new operation, which will be a leading player in the Danish property market, will primarily focus on consultancy in the fields of capital markets, valuation & analysis, and will also offer occupier services. Together with Newsec’s current offering, and access to an international customer base, a platform has now been created for further strengthening Newsec’s position in the Nordic property market.

“We are extremely gratified to have succeeded in strengthening our presence in Denmark, and view this as a natural first step towards a more substantial establishment in the country. We have seen that a large number of major Nordic property companies, also existing clients, have intensified their investments in Danish properties. Since a considerable proportion of all transactions are effected with the help of local or regional advisors, it is important to have a domestic presence”, says Henrik Granström, President of Newsec AB.

Egeskov & Lindquist was established in Denmark in 1991 and is one of Denmark’s oldest and largest property advisors. Its main focus is on capital markets, occupier service and valuation & analysis, and has a comprehensive research function within commercial real estate. The company has offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus and was named by Euromoney in 2015 as “Best Adviser & Consultant Overall – Denmark”. Newsec was founded in 1994 and is currently the leading property consultant in the Nordic region, with a comprehensive offering of services to the property market. The company has more than 700 employees allocated at some 20 offices throughout Northern Europe.

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Annika Wahlund Communication Manager