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What’s up with the Residential Market in the North?

Over the past few years, the residential markets of the Nordic countries have been the subject of some speculation. This fall, the Swedish residential market quickly shifted from burning hot to lukewarm, leaving hesitant buyers, developers and politicians in its wake and before that, Norway showed a very similar development. In the midst of this, rumors can easily be mistaken for truths and fiction turn into fact. The latest edition of the Newsec Property Outlook takes on some of the most well repeated myths surrounding the Swedish residential market.

“The development on the Swedish market for residential properties has been incredibly strong over the past years and it is only natural that the growth rate should slow down at some point. This fall, we could clearly see anxiety spread through the market, making buyers, developers and politicians hesitant. This sentiment was further triggered by media reports and in that kind of environment, it can be easy to let go of critical thinking. In this report, we have analyzed a number of frequently repeated statements in order to sort out what is fact and what is fiction”, says Max Barclay, Head of Newsec Advisory in Sweden.

Newsec predicts that the latest development in the Swedish residential market will have a significant impact on the transaction volume in that segment in 2018. However, there are beneficial pre-conditions for larger structured deals, which can result in an overall transaction volume in par with 2017s levels.

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Annika Wahlund Communication Manager