Our values

Passion for Colleagues and Clients

Passion for colleagues and clients

Passion for colleagues and clients defines our philosophy and our behavior towards each other and our clients. A good culture needs an additional set of underlying values. 

Excellence The desire and the ability to deliver solutions and services of the highest quality – exceeding both the client's highest expectations and the best capabilities of our competitors.
Integrity The ability to ensure that every client's confidentiality is total and that every task is undertaken with the client's best interests in view – to work at all times with the highest business ethics and morals.
Innovation The desire and the ability to seek, find and test new solutions; to lead the development of new services and products – to have the boldness to break with tradition.

Our vision on sustainability

Newsec loves cities and therefore wants to contribute to a more sustainable society where we as an organization, employer and partner play an active part. We believe that a close collaboration with our clients and suppliers can drive more efficient sustainability work. Through environmental, economic and social work, we hope to make a positive footprint in society.

Social Sustainability

Newsec stands behind the thought that all people have the same equal value. We therefore cherish a working climate characterized by respect and understanding of other people. In addition to ensure the best for our employees, we work with initiatives that reach beyond our everyday business.

Mentor Programs

Newsec has several mentor programs across our different markets. From University internship programs to initiatives aimed at help strengthening the self-esteem of teenagers. All with the purpose to share our professional experiences and hopefully inspire and contribute to a positive development. Newsec also works actively to integrate and hire immigrants through collaborations with different organizations and schools.

Whistle Blowing

We strive for the highest level of security and ethics among our co-workers and offer an external system for anonymous reporting of misconduct.

Whistleblowing at Newsec


Environmental Sustainability

At Newsec, we are aware of and respect the limits of nature. We are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact and resource use. We work determinedly to reduce energy usage and to optimize the properties we manage, but also to accomplish behavioral change amongst our clients’ tenants.

The everyday actions are also important, such as choosing sustainable materials, recycling, replacing travels with video meetings, offering employees bicycles, electric cars or public transport to and from meetings to reduce our environmental impact. By measurable targets, key figures and continuous monitoring; we proactively strive to continually improve our environmental work.

Financial Sustainability

With clear reporting and straightforward communication, we adhere to a transparent foundation for maintaining long-term relationships with our stakeholders. All Newsec employees work together to create confidence in our business and counteract bribery and corruption. Newsec has clear internal anti-corruption guidelines to ensure that we all follow the same ethical compass.