Case Study

Leasing / Valuation & Advisory

About the case

- A third party had prepared a plan proposal for the municipality. The market orientation and overall economy of the plan proposal had to be analyzed from the municipal point of view.
- The objective was to prepare a market- and demand driven plan analysis
- Newsec has an extensive expertise on regional changes and retail marketing
- Newsec valued a market-driven implementation schedule and land-use revenue for the area. The demand for apartments and business premises and their prospects were used as a basis for this analysis, in addition to the municipality’s own materials.
- On the grounds of the analysis the local detailed plan was specified and the client started to explore for new cooperation partners.


- On the municipality’s point of view the plan work has proceeded jointly with the regional commercial main user and in cooperation with a potential construction company partner.
- With the ratification of the plan the project will significantly alter the general appearance of Viirinlaakso and develop the area’s municipal center-like habitat.

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