Newsec helps pension fund reach ambitious sustainability goals

sustainability goals

Together with our clients, Newsec works towards a green transition in the real estate industry. One of the ways we help our clients with their sustainability goals is through data and smart buildings.

Our client Danica, one of Denmark’s largest pension funds, announced a new sustainability strategy and significant climate goals for their property section, Danica Ejendomme, at the beginning of 2021. Throughout 2020, Newsec Property Asset Management in Denmark has worked with Danica Ejendomme to create the data basis for the strategy. Now, automated reporting solutions and CO2 benchmarks are going to help realize the real estate investor's ambitious goals.

With a reduction target of reducing the property portfolio's CO2 emissions by almost 70 percent by 2030, compared to 2019, Danica Ejendomme has set a number of ambitious goals for far more climate-friendly properties in their new sustainability strategy.

To achieve the significant objectives, Danica Ejendomme must use evidence-based knowledge about the climate impact from the property portfolio. Data to create a basis for the concrete actions. Therefore, Danica Pension has entered into a collaboration with Newsec to implement ongoing energy monitoring and CO2 benchmarking of the 81 residential and commercial properties as well as an automated reporting solution, Newsec Property Knowledge Center, developed by Newsec, which collects data from the clients’ properties.

Investment in the green transition

For more than 10 years, Newsec has been responsible for the administration and operation of the majority of Danica Pension's property portfolio. Therefore, Newsec is pleased to be able to meet the pension company's need for advice and solutions within climate and sustainability, including detailed energy and CO2 monitoring as well as ongoing energy management on the properties.

"If you can measure it, you can control it. Therefore, data on properties is crucial if we are to reach the goal of the green transition in the real estate industry. At Newsec, we already have a large amount of data about our customers' properties, and we know what each property contains because we have the responsibility for the daily operations. When we combine that knowledge with our new digital reporting platform, the Newsec Property Knowledge Center, we have a very strong solution for Danica Ejendomme, in which we can determine realizable goals and concrete actions for the reduction of CO2 emissions from the properties", says Thomas Hejde, department director for Building Performance Management at Newsec Property Asset Management in Denmark.

You will be able to see if a property's resource consumption deviates from the average when the data volumes from the properties in the Newsec Property Knowledge Center are analyzed. This means that if e.g. the heat or electricity consumption is abnormally high in relation to the age, size or use of the property we will be able to see this in our analysis in the Newsec Property Knowledge Center. At the same time, it is possible to uncover exactly how much CO2 savings a property can achieve by e.g. renovation or a pin for green power.

Sustainable development of the real estate portfolio will also bring great value to both real estate investors and tenants. A reduction in CO2 emissions means lower operating costs and energy consumption, which will strengthen the properties' valuation.

The agreement between Danica Ejendomme and Newsec in Denmark runs for over three years, and is handled by Newsec’s energy and indoor climate specialists. The CO2 inventories currently include digitized electricity, water and heating data from the Danish portfolio, which is converted into CO2. In addition, CO2 emissions from waste, rental facilities and administration are calculated so the calculated CO2 emissions includes the total CO2 footprint of a property in operation. In addition to the strong database, the great strength lies in the built-in intelligence of the system. An intelligence based on knowledge from professionals and an in-depth knowledge of the connection between data and the daily operations on the properties.

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