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Strategic Analysis

Södertälje Municipality


The municipality of Södertälje faced several urban development issues, both in Södertälje center and in further residential development but also in other property related issues. They therefore needed a strategic advisor to initiate a long-term cooperation with.

Solution and outcome

The municipality of Södertälje found Newsec as a suitable partner and chose to sign a framework agreement with Newsec as strategic advisor. Newsec has helped the municipality in the current urban development issues and assisted with support in a number of field management processes. A successful collaboration remains between the parties.

  • Summary Newsec is a strategic advisor to the municipality of Södertälje and assists them in urban development issues.
  • Location Södertälje, Sweden
  • Customer Södertälje Municipality
  • Status 2016, ongoing
  • Services provided Strategic Analysis


Ulrika Lindmark Head of Valuation & Strategic Analysis, Newsec Advisory in Sweden +46 708 44 30 48