Newsec Property Outlook

Autumn 2019

What does the future hold for retail properties?

Autumn 2019

In this edition of Newsec Property Outlook, Newsec take a look at the state of the retail real estate segment and the results highlight a wide spread within the segment. The best retail continues to flourish and has had one of its strongest years in 2019. Retail of medium quality is beginning to encounter challenges, and poor retail that has underperformed for a while now is beginning to face even tougher conditions.

Key insights

  • 2019 is the first year in a long time where rents have gone down for retail as a whole, minus three percent
  • Retail parks perform best with rental growth of four percent

Newsec Property Outlook describes and predicts the property market and its sub-segments in northern Europe. The report is free to download and has been published twice a year since 2001. Newsec Property Outlook has become a practical tool for investors, property owners and tenants within real estate. Every six months, the report provides an overview of Newsec’s perception of macroeconomic tendencies and the property market development.