Investment Management

You invest. We do the rest.

At Newsec, we serve you a full spectrum of services within property investment and asset management. A unique set up of experts within both services that deliver and ensure that your portfolio performs throughout economic cycles.

Our business is to facilitate your business. We help you grow, in local and international markets.

Our team will assist in all phases from acquisitions, throughout the holding period, to a potential divestment of the assets. In practice, our team acts as a local partner to international investors, supporting the fulfilment of specific goals by finding new investment opportunities and managing transaction related processes. Following the transaction, our team monitors the assets and optimises values by organizing all services needed, such as property asset management and leasing.

As a result of active asset management and strategic divestment, you as a client can achieve higher profit of your real estate investment.

Many of our clients own large portfolios. Others are still thinking about making an investment. If the stress of property asset management is making you hesitate you have come to the right place. Our job is to make your ownership easy and convenient.

We stand strong through economic cycles. We ensure that your portfolio performs.

  • One team, several services We offer our clients a comprehensive service offering in both property investment and asset management
  • Large Network By virtue of our good market knowledge and a large network, both national and international, we can be your partner through the whole investment cycle
  • #1 in the Nordic and Baltic region With experts spread across the Nordic and Baltic region, we provide you with the best conditions to grow locally and globally


Max Barclay Head of Investment Management +46 708 44 30 65
Katariina Sarin Head of Investment Management, Newsec Advisory in Finland +358 50 572 72 82
Vilhelm Isberg Head of Investment Management, Newsec Advisory in Sweden +46 702 81 70 94
Anders Jörnsköld Head of Business Origination +46 708 24 40 10