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Code of Conduct

Our actions reflect who we are. They shape our identity. For that reason, how we behave as a company, as a team, and as employees is of the highest importance.

Newsec’s Code of Conduct guides us in questions about what constitutes acceptable behavior. It states what our company stands for and what we refuse to lend ourselves to.

Our business is based on trust – our clients have to be able to trust Newsec. A trustworthy, ethical and transparent way of working is the only path to long-term success. It increases the well-being of our employees and drives the entire industry forward.

Our Code of conduct constitutes the ethical framework for how we shall act and thereby what we aspire to be. I expect every person working under the Newsec brand to comply with this Code and I want all our clients and every other stakeholder to know about it.

Petra Scharin
Acting CEO at Newsec

Read the Newsec Code of conduct