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Sustainability leading our way

At Newsec we are determined to make a difference for society and the planet and contribute to a sustainable future.

The built environment generates nearly 40 per cent of global emissions, making the real estate sector a vital player and major contributor to negative environmental impact. The seriousness and extent of climate change illuminates the need for us to adapt our behaviours, businesses, and societies to secure a sustainable future and limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The industry impact is not limited to climate change, but is also responsible for substantial resource consumption and is a contributor to the loss of biodiversity, either directly on building sites or off-site through e.g. natural resource extraction for construction or building service activities. The negative consequences of these factors, as well as current negative geopolitical, economical, societal and environmental developments, require both short- and long-term responses. There is still plenty to consider and take on, for the industry as well as for us. We embrace these challenges and are focused on helping our clients to create a sustainable and resilient future.

At Newsec we are committed to work towards all the United Nations Sustainability Goals, and they have provided a steering framework to out sustainability strategy. We see that we have the largest contribution to the following goals:

How we create impact and value

As a large player on the real estate and renewable energy markets, Newsec has a real and measurable impact on the societies we act within. Our impact and responsibility play out both through the services we provide to our clients, but also as a large business with an organisation of close to 2 700 employees in seven markets.

Sustainability is leading our way and we are working to integrate sustainability into everything we do. Newsec's sustainability goals are part of our overall business strategy and guide our everyday operations. Our goals describe the future we want to see, the direction we want to move in and what we commit to achieve.

How we help our clients

We believe that a truly sustainable business is one that has a positive impact on people’s lives, society, and the planet at large. Being sustainable means being able to tackle the challenges of the future. It also involves a capacity to make sense of the complexity in our world. As a market leader in an industry in change, we have the size and scope to make real impact. Creating value and sustainable growth are natural and integrated elements of our business, as we actively work to generate a positive impact in close collaboration with our clients. We continuously encourage ourselves and our clients to change how the industry works.

Rather than focusing on the obstacles, we focus on the countless opportunities that follow with being sustainable. To make sustainable progress, we support our clients in, among other things, energy optimisation, strategic sustainability management, insights and analysis, as well as with advice on investments in renewable energy and electrification.

We believe that we can truly accelerate change by dedicating our efforts to providing our clients with greater insights that allow them to make more informed decisions and fully support them in the transition towards carbon neutral properties, a cleaner industry, and a sustainable built environment.

Read more about our sustainability work by downloading our Sustainability reports from 2022 and 2023 here:

Sustainability report 2022
Sustainability report 2023

Taking responsibility for our own carbon footprint

Change starts from within, which is why we at Newsec believe that looking at our own behaviours and environmental footprint from our internal operations is vital for taking an active role in the transition towards a carbon neutral future. We are committed to strive towards net-zero emissions from our internal operations. We are currently working on making our Net Zero Carbon Emission plan more comprehensive, including more of our value chain emissions. We will monitor progress and regularly revisit this plan to ensure we are on track to meet our net zero commitment.

Newsec became a signatory of the UN Global Compact in 2022, as part of our accelerated focus on sustainability. By committing to the initiative and the ten principles, we take action and work towards a sustainable and resilient future.