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Logistics & industrial properties

The logistics and industrial building sector remain resilient in the uncertain economy of post-pandemic times, where e-commerce, supply chain transformation and location optimisation continue to drive demand. The market for the modern logistics spaces of tomorrow will be driven by digitalisation, sustainability and new technology.

Whether you want to invest in logistics buildings, manage your logistic properties, find an ideal logistic housing or develop your logistic space, Newsec has the experts to help you. We can also help you optimise product flows to develop a supply chain strategy. Newsec has the in-depth market knowledge and we can provide the insights you need.

Newsec offers a full-range of services – ranging from hands-on technical capabilities to strategic analyses, planning and full-scale portfolio development. We can also help you reap the benefits of digitalisation and find the right solutions.

Buildings are a vital part of sustainable urban development. By maximising the efficient use of energy, water and material, the built environment becomes an important part of combatting climate change and resource scarcity and contributing to a sustainable society.

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