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Our vision, beliefs and brand

Vision (and mission) - Transforming real estate, and beyond

What does “Transforming Real Estate, and beyond” mean? At Newsec, we always seek unique and different perspectives to paint a fuller picture. That raises the quality of the ideas that we share amongst ourselves, with our clients and with society more broadly.

Our footprint is in real estate and energy infrastructure, which are intimately connected areas with a profound influence on many of today’s global challenges.

Being the world’s most valuable asset category, real estate is a major factor in human wellbeing and productivity, and in the ability of cities and societies to function. Importantly, it is a critical part of the journey towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future.

Newsec’s role in that context is to serve our clients and their stakeholders in transforming and future-proofing their operations. That means looking at the built environment, and beyond, to find relevant perspectives on energy, infrastructure, logistics, digitalisation, and more. We recognize that the areas that matter to our clients’ businesses, matter to the world.

Newsec is Northern Europe by origin, but global/pan-European in scope. Our service offering ranges from property asset management to advisory services in real estate and energy infrastructure to investment management.

We are Transforming real estate, and beyond by:

  • Engaging people is about how we bring out the best in each other to prosper, grow and deliver nothing short of top-tier work.
  • Embracing tomorrow is about our forward-looking approach to lead and drive whatever the future brings, in technology, climate, energy, liveable environments and much more.
  • Expanding knowledge is about nurturing and growing the width of our expertise, while generously sharing and exchanging with partners and colleagues.

Our vision is a goal and long-term aspiration at the same time as it is a mission on our ongoing journey.