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Digitalise real estate

Digitalisation is a prerequisite for a sustainable built environment and enables data-driven cost control and investment guidance

Digitalise real estate

Digitalisation of the built environment/real estate sector is both an economical imperative and a vital part of meeting global sustainability targets.

From energy systems to logistics, deliveries, and mobility services, Newsec provides the framework for planning, specifying, and delivering a digital building. We use established technologies and proven platforms, and deliver a digital strategy which takes the entire digital ecosystem into account.

Do you want to reap all the benefits of digitalising your property? Do you lack the time and resources to make the best out of digitalisation, make the right decisions and choose the right technical solutions?

With our infrastructure and monitoring, property owners can get data-driven analysis with insights on costs and energy consumption, potential for improvements, as well as opportunities for efficient battery and charging infrastructure.

To simplify monitoring and efficiency measures, we create a digital twin, a digital copy and data model of a property.

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Christoffer Börjesson

Christoffer Börjesson
Managing Director, Digital Accelerator
+46 70 274 00 05

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