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Jan-Egil, Technical Property Manager

What do you do at Newsec?
I work as a Technical Property Manager at Newsec’s office in Bodø, located in the northern region of Norway. The primary focus of the role involves overseeing tenant adaptations and facilitating property development projects, while also fulfilling the usual duties of a Technical Property Manager – like maintenance plans, budgeting, energy monitoring and technical documentation.

What do you like the best about working at Newsec?
We have a very good working environment, and I am surrounded by highly skilled colleagues who make a meaningful contribution to our daily work. Our clients place immense trust in us, allowing us to become a close partner in the development of their properties. The tenants value our contribution to the properties, and this motivates us to sustain a high quality delivery. My role is constantly changing as I am involved in various development projects - both internally and for clients. This dynamic environment ensures my knowledge base is consistently enriched. Moreover, we have access to extensive expertise in various specialist fields within the organisation, making it incredibly satisfying to be a part of such a fantastic team.

What attracted you to Newsec?
Being a part of a large and professional organisation that sets high goals for its services, and that is constantly striving to become even better. That gives me motivation and makes me proud.