Digital Accelerator

The future of real estate is digital

Newsec provides the framework for planning, specifying, and delivering a digital building. We do this by using known technologies and proven platforms, and ultimately putting together and delivering a comprehensive digital strategy for the property that looks at the entire digital ecosystem.

For property owners, we coordinate and package different suppliers’ systems and services into a complete solution and take responsibility for operations. We identify digital potential to enhance the customer experience in the property, work in a more data driven way for cost efficiency, identify new revenues and meet high standards in sustainability.

With our infrastructure and monitoring, property owners get a data-driven analysis and facts that provide insights into what is driving costs in the property, what is consuming energy, what potential there is for efficiency improvements and measures, as well as opportunities for efficient battery and charging infrastructure.

  • Establishing a secure technical network The “highway” to consistently connect systems and gain insights from the products and systems that are connected.
  • Establishing a monitoring infrastructure To carry out technical measurement of energy systems (water, heating, cooling, and electricity) in the property. Sensors can also be installed for so-called insight measurement, which can include measuring how the premises are used or movement patterns.
  • Automation infrastructure Integrating with existing building automation systems to extract information on operations as well as data on performance and alarms from the property.
  • Digital twin A digital copy and data model of the property using drawings and documents to digitally describe the property and have all information consolidated and represented in one place.
Christoffer Börjesson Head Digital Accelerator, Newsec +46 70 274 00 05