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Newsec helped Coop with recruitment solutions

Newsec helped Coop Stores with recruitment and interim solutions, for reinforcement during their expansion period.

19 MAY 2023

 ▪ 2 Min read

Henrik Hemminger

Head of Recruitment & Interim Solutions, Advisory in Sweden

+46 706 02 58 42


Helena Salomonsson

Area Manager, Advisory in Sweden

+46 708 19 69 26




Stockholm, Sweden


Coop Stores



Coop stores and markets have been and still are in an expansive period. They are reinforcing their organisation across several regions. Therefore, they turned to Newsec to find the right skillset.

So far Newsec has helped us to recruit both a chief of establishment and a project manager. We found that they, with knowledge, approached our needs and were responsive to our requests. They dared to and had the capacity to search and think outside the box and produced a wide set of candidates which made it possible for us to find the right people. We also appreciated that they placed great importance on creating a good relationship with the candidates and continuously kept them informed of their status in the process. Long story short, we felt that we got professional support and help in finding the right people for our services.


The initial task for Newsec was to recruit an establisher and a construction project manager to the team in Stockholm.

Thereafter Coop came back with two additional recruitment requests.

The key to effective and successful processes is a close dialogue and understanding for the clients’ need. This has worked very well in the cooperation with Coop where we have acted as an advisor as well as a supplier. After two successful recruitments Newsec received continued trust through two additional orders which will be in progress in the fall of 2018; to recruit one chief representative of tenants and a tenant negotiator.

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