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Ogilvy Capital acquires exclusive hotel in Copenhagen

Ogilvy Capital acquired the iconic design hotel, Herman K, placed in Copenhagen. Newsec Advisory advised the property owners, in the complex task of replacing the operator of the rewarded and appraised hotel.

25 MAY 2023

 ▪ 2 Min read

Brian Tretow-Loof

Head of Capital Markets, Newsec Advisory in Denmark

+45 40 20 78 70






Dansk Ejendoms Management - part of Danish Management Group



British Ogilvy Capital has acquired the iconic and luxurious hotel Herman K in central Copenhagen. The acquisition will take effect as soon as the property has been stabilized, which is linked to the reopening of the Danish society after the coronavirus lockdown. In collaboration with DLA Piper in Aarhus, Newsec Advisory has advised Dansk Ejendoms Management, who bought the property back in 2015.

“Under unusual circumstances and challenging times for especially hospitality and F&B, it is even more satisfactory to reach common grounds. We look forward to celebrating the re-opening of what is considered to be the most expensive – but also most unique and exclusive – hotel in Copenhagen under a new flag managed by Mads R. Loewe from Ogilvy Capital and his team. The Newsec Capital Markets team, including myself, are proud to have brought the parties together and 'connected the dots'”, said Brian Tretow-Loof - Executive Director, Newsec Advisory Demark. Mads Loewe, Managing Partner at Ogilvy Capital, is not willing to disclose the price of the property, but told the Danish news media, EjendomsWatch: "it's hard to avoid paying an amount in the three-digit million range for a property with this location."

Unusual circumstances and challenging times for especially hospitality and F&B - due to COVID-19.

Newsec Capital Markets team in Denmark are proud to have brought the parties together and reached a common ground.

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