Digital colleagues of Newsec


In order to offer cost-effective management services, Newsec must constantly be looking for smarter ways to work. By letting the robots take care of the time thieves, employees can focus on what creates added value for the client.

The technology focus in the real-estate industry is increasing, and players in the entire value chain want increased self-service and more flexible and adapted solutions. In order to ensure a better customer experience and create tomorrow's real estate services, innovation and development of digital solutions must therefore be part of Newsec's core business.

RPA in Newsec

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a focus area in Newsec, where the goal is to streamline heavy, manual processes. Several robots are already saving Newsec employees from monotonous and routine work tasks. The robots ensure correct data processing, at any hour of the day.

"With RPA, we have gained several new digital colleagues in Newsec. They perform tasks that are usually a time thief for us employees. We collect data faster, and the quality of the data improves. Our advisors can thus spend more time on data processing and reporting. These are more competence-demanding tasks that create added value for our customers", says Trude Reppe, business developer at Newsec Property Asset Management in Norway.

"We believe that our robots create value to our clients as well, through better data quality – faster delivery of data through our reporting solutions and an agile approach towards process automation".

Nordic co-operation

Newsec has more than 2,000 employees in 40 office locations in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and collaboration across national borders is therefore very fruitful when processes are to be improved and made more efficient.

"Co-operation enables cost, knowledge and resource sharing. The cloud solution we use provides a stable and scalable platform. Our size enables continuous investment into RPA infrastructure, and through collaboration each country gets more bang for their buck. With joint workshops, meetings, and trainings, we can share best practices and benefit from the experiences and expertise that exist in our large management organization. And, as we have more and more shared systems and processes among countries, our automations and internal RPA development resources can have an even greater impact", says Reppe.

Innovative clients

Newsec also has clients who are in front and take the lead in the development of future-oriented services.

"This gives us as a manager and advisor the opportunity to test and establish good solutions that work in practice", says Reppe.

Short way to new processes

Reppe says that there was a desire to improve work processes in the organization, and with committed employees and managers, there has been no shortage of input.

"For each robot we put into production, there are new requests for processes we can improve. The RPA project has so far been an educational journey with a short way from identifying tasks to producing new processes. This means that employees in Newsec experience this as positive measures that provide immediate benefits and a simplified everyday life for everyone. We are constantly discovering new areas to use the technology in, and it is precisely how we use the valuable data and what activities it leads to along the way that is innovation", says Reppe.

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