Intra-Nordic Cross-Border Transactions


The intra-Nordic cross-border transactions – i.e., Nordic investors’ acquisitions in other Nordic countries – constitute a significant proportion of the Nordic investment markets. In total, these transactions amounted to DKK 51 billion in 2020, or 16% of the total transaction value in the region.

In Denmark and Finland in particular, Nordic investments accounted for large shares of 26% and 25%, respectively. The shares were lower in Norway (11%) and Sweden (10%).

Figure 6 shows that Denmark was the most attractive country for Nordic investments, with a transaction value of DKK 18 billion. In comparison, there were inbound investments worth just over DKK 13 billion in Sweden.

Swedish investors were the most active in all Nordic countries and accounted for 62% of the region’s total cross-border investments. In Denmark, Swedish investors accounted for 92% of incoming Nordic investments.


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