Newsec Online

A digital platform for client services

What is Newsec Online?

Newsec Online is a group-wide platform that provides access to different data, documentation, reports and financial services.

We want to offer our users the ability:

  • to stay on top and dig deep;
  • to be more efficient at work;
  • to gain new and unexpected insights.

The idea is to simplify access and be value-creating for our clients. Newsec Online can be used with a single sign-in, whenever needed.

Who is Newsec Online for? 

  • Newsec Online is aimed at Investor Clients of Newsec Property Asset Management (property owners);
  • Newsec Online serves client companies, and especially the individuals who work in different roles in co-operation with Newsec.

Base offering

Newsec Online offering with its services and functionalities will be continuously developed in collaboration with our clients.

The current content of Newsec Online includes a base offering that gives our clients access to a number of dynamic standard financial and lease reports, a shared document area, Newsec’s Market Reports, and viewing rights to our property onboarding process, and links to relevant local systems.

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