GATE8 Business Park

Commercial Management

Gate8 is a business park development comprising eight office buildings at Aviapolis near Helsinki International Airport in Vantaa. Gate8 is owned by seven property investors, with more than 150 lessees operating in the business park.

The challenge

A large office complex with several users and owners needs a single party to effectively administer the needs of both the owners and the lessees. The Newsec Business Park concept is ideal in such a context. We have been successfully taking care of site maintenance and leasing operations, and managing service development since 2008.

The solution

Newsec represents the owners with an extensive service portfolio. Principal responsibility is vested in the Business Park Manager, who is accountable for maintaining a high level of lessee satisfaction, managing services, leasing vacant premises and ensuring site security. The site is nevertheless managed by a strong team that takes charge of both minor practicalities and large-scale arrangements. A technical manager supports and assists the Business Park Manager in matters of technical maintenance, and the overall service package also involves a project manager responsible for modification work and a team of specialists to deal with leasing, corporate governance and financial administration.

The outcome

We supply a successful business park management service that is reflected in high levels of lessee and customer satisfaction. We conclude numerous new leasing agreements annually, both with previous lessees and with new users. Gate8 provides good services and an effective package for the daily needs of client enterprises.

  • Summary Comprehensive business park management
  • Location Vantaa, Finland
  • Customer Gate8 Business Park
  • Status Operating since 2008
  • Services provided Business park management, maintenance management, leasing, development construction, lease administration, corporate governance, financial administration, spatial design


Niklas Jalonen Head of Commercial Properties Management, Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland +358 45 319 0710