Northern Horizon Capital



The aged care property fund required year-end valuations of all properties in the portfolio in a swift schedule. The valuations had to fulfill International Valuation Standards and Finnish and Swedish valuation regulations. Thus site visits were conducted across Finland during the busy year-end. Newsec was able to provide the valuations in Finland and assets located in Sweden.


The Client provided Newsec with reliable and sufficient information on short notice. As a result, Newsec made a proper project plan to conduct all site visits and valuations in the agreed timetable.

Newsec’s project team consisted of nearly 20 professionals. Newsec has regularly ongoing valuation mandates for different projects and property types across Finland and Sweden. Consequently, the site visits were possible to organize together with other valuation project´s site visits. This led to significant time and cost savings for the Client. In addition, Newsec colleagues in regional offices were involved in the project contributing with local property market data and knowledge.


The Client received all valuations in the agreed schedule. The valuation included reliable and thorough market information regarding transactions, investment market, leasing market, and property market. The market information was derived from collected data from Newsec´s database.
Newsec and Northern Horizon Capital have continued the excellent cooperation.

  • Summary Newsec Advisory provided Pan-Nordic valuation for Northern Horizon Capital’s public property portfolio
  • Location Finland and Sweden
  • Customer Northern Horizon Capital
  • Status Since 2020
  • Services provided Property valuation


Heikki Kangas Head of Valuation, Newsec Advisory in Finland +358 50 320 9136