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Environmental reporting at OP Real Estate Asset Management

OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd is one of Finland’s largest enterprises specialising in real estate asset management. The company administers a total of some 800,000 square metres of leased business accommodation, with approximately 5,000 properties in various parts of the country. OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd also collaborates with lessees in construction development of new business premises.

We have reached a new level in developing accountability, with environmental and other accountability issues now even more strongly integrated into our in-house processes. Systematic development work and clear benchmarks have made accountability enhancements a natural part of our business. Matti Puromäki


OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd began focusing on the need to consider the environmental objectives and reporting of investment properties under its administration in 2013. Newsec was the company’s natural choice of partner for developing environmental reporting, as we were already comprehensively responsible for providing management services at these properties.

The challenge was to identify the best way of achieving the objectives, and also to secure the involvement of various stakeholders in the environmental programme.


We began the project by working with the client to specify environmental objectives and benchmarks as a basis for reckoning and reporting environmental key figures. We prepared an environmental programme for the client, providing broad guidance on incorporating accountability. The measures of the environmental programme are actively monitored and set out in an annual environmental report.

We continually seek best practices for reducing the environmental impact of operations, and we also run trials of innovative solutions and review objectives with various stakeholders. Newsec plays an active role in finding new solutions for enhancing environmental responsibility. Systematically monitoring key figures and environmental aspects helps us to identify areas for improvement and continue enhancing operations. We share awareness of environmental responsibility with stakeholders through various campaigns and concrete property development initiatives.


Environmental reporting helps OP Real Estate Asset Management to provide comprehensive communications concerning environmental responsibility measures implemented. This is an excellent way of increasing transparency and comprehensively monitoring our own progress in relation to stakeholders and competitors.

Our environmental specialists support the client in implementing and monitoring environmental programme measures, and assist in preparing the programme. The partnership of Newsec specialists in accountability and environmental expertise with a client that is highly motivated to enhance accountability is highly effective, and has successfully reduced the environmental impacts of operations in the property portfolio administered by the client.

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