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Property Caretaking

PUB Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden


Newsec has been working closely with Axfast for many years, who owns the PUB house in central Stockholm. Thanks to a well-functioning cooperation and extensive knowledge of the property, Newsec 2017 was given the opportunity to work for the new hotel owner.


The hotel operator needed to strengthen its own organization with service minded staff, especially before an intense summer season. They requested property caretaking from a partner with pronounced high level of service, availability and flexibility.

Solution and outcome

Newsec has great experience in property caretaking within the hotel sector so thanks to qualified and service-oriented staff, Newsec gained confidence to work for the PUB house’s new hotel owner. Newsec operated the hotel with two technicians during the most intensive summer period, which led to the customer being able to maintain full functionality. After the effort, the assignment has become both longer and larger than planned and today an ongoing collaboration remains between the parties.

  • Summary Newsec manages technical service and operation for the PUB hotel owner who requested experienced staff with a high level of service.
  • Location Stockholm CBD, Sweden
  • Customer PUB-house hotel owner
  • Status 2017, ongoing
  • Services provided Property Caretaking


Andreas Grando Head of Sales, Newsec Property Caretaking in Sweden +46 736 79 12 13