Suunto Oy

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Suunto is a Finnish company established in 1936 that manufactures such products as wrist computers and heart rate monitors. It has been a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation since 1999.


Suunto and Newsec have worked together successfully for many years. On this occasion the company needed our help locating new facilities in Tampere. Suunto and Sports Tracker, another Group company, had already maintained their own offices in Tampere for many years. These units were now keen to reinforce their partnership by operating from joint premises. With neither company having suitable premises for such a plan, the client decided to search for new office accommodation.

The challenge was to harmonise the needs of the two businesses, identifying a location that would satisfy both and designing premises in which everyone would have good working conditions. Internal co-operation within the Group was already sufficiently strong to eliminate any real need for change management.

The Newsec liaison person submitted a project proposal to the management of Suunto and Sports Tracker. The memory of previously successful business accommodation projects also affected the judgement and Newsec secured responsibility for implementing the entire project.

The experience of three successful office accommodation projects shows that we can count on Newsec in all transactions of this kind Juhani Heimonen, Facility Manager, Suunto Oy


By assigning our various specialists, Newsec completed such processes as specifying space requirements, finding new accommodation and negotiating an agreement, designing the appearance and furnishings of the premises, managing the overall project and co-ordinating the move. The entire project was implemented for the client as a clear and straightforward service package.

Key factors in this success included clear and active dialogue between our team and the client, coupled with the specification of aims and demarcation of responsibilities at the very start of the project.


The outcome of the project for the client was 350 square metres of renovated office space near the centre of Tampere enabling both companies to operate under the same roof. The facilities are conversion flexible, with alternative premises set aside for various ways of working. The client will also enjoy significantly lower annual leasing costs.

Newsec took responsibility for implementing the entire project, affording the client peace of mind to focus on its own core operations. A clear idea of the client’s space requirements gained over the years enabled implementation of an effective accommodation solution on a very rapid schedule.

  • Summary Lessee representation, project management and spatial design for a 350 square metre office space
  • Location Tampere, Finland
  • Customer Suunto Oy
  • Status The client moved into new premises on 1 September 2017
  • Services provided Search for premises, bargaining, interior design, project management and co-ordination of moving


Ville Inkeri Head of Corporate Real Estate, Newsec Advisory in Finland +358 40 749 5021