In-depth analysis

Newsec reports give you a unique opportunity to follow developments on the property market. We offer several market reports for different segments as well as our transaction list which tabulates the transactions completed in the latest quarter.

Autumn 2020

Newsec Property Outlook

In the autumn edition of Newsec Property Outlook, Newsec explores how the spread of Covid-19 is...
Spring 2017

Newsec Property Outlook

The Swedish housing market has been one of the hottest in the world.

Winning the Future of Retail

In this session we explore what the future holds for retail segment - what's next and who's...

Fast Forward

This session explores three of the key trends at the moment: public properties, regional cities...
Spring 2021

Finnish Property Outlook

In our renewed Finnish Property Outlook we analyze Finnish property market by asset classes. In...

Boom or bust?

Our very first Newsec Webinar titled “Boom or Bust?” covered the impact of Covid-19 on the...

The Death of the Office?

The concept of the office in the wake of the pandemic has been under a lot of scrutiny. Will...
Autumn 2016

Newsec Property Outlook

After two months of broadly negative returns at the start of 2016, global stock markets have...
Spring 2016

Newsec Property Outlook

Low interest rates and good access to funding, volatile global stock markets and low yields in...

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