Newsec Property Outlook

Autumn Edition 2016

Autumn 2016

After two months of broadly negative returns at the start of 2016, global stock markets have slowly gained speed in the spring and summer. Britain’s vote for Brexit and Prime Minister David Cameron’s subsequent resignation have been the key drivers of both European and global stock markets during the last couple of months.


Insight one

Urbanization and demand for housing are transforming the property market in our major cities

Insight two

Low interest rates and good access to funding, volatile global stock markets and low yields in the bond market are contributing factors to the great interest of Nordic properties

Newsec Property Outlook describes and predicts the property market and its sub-segments in northern Europe. The report is free to download and has been published twice a year since 2001. Newsec Property Outlook has become a practical tool for investors, property owners and tenants within real estate. Every six months, the report provides an overview of Newsec’s perception of macroeconomic tendencies and the property market development.

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