Newsec Property Outlook

Spring Edition 2016

Spring 2016

Global stock markets have shown high volatility during the first two months of 2016, and the Swedish, German and US stock markets, like most other markets, are showing a strong negative trend since the start of the year. There is concern among someinvestors that the uncertainty on the global stock markets will spread across all types of investment markets going forward. However, we believe that the commercial property market will continue to be an interesting market to invest in for the foreseeable future, despite a fairly long trend of increasing property prices. Interest rates are historically low and there is plenty of liquidity in the system; in addition, central banks will not be able to increase interest rates significantly as this would inhibit economic growth.

Newsec Property Outlook describes and predicts the property market and its sub-segments in Northern Europe. The report is free and has been published twice a year since 2001. Newsec Property Outlook has become a practical tool for investors, property owners and tenants in the real estate industry. Every six months the report provides a complete overview of Newsec’s perception of the economy and the property market development.

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