Newsec Sustainability report 2021

The Sustainability report for the Newsec group 2021

Global trends like digitalisation and urbanisation are shaping the way we live, work and do business at an accelerating speed. Quickly growing cities, seriously disruptive technology, wildly shifting consumer behaviours, and the challenges posed by climate change – all have profound effects on our daily lives.

Needless to say, our industry and our clients need to transform with this changing world. And it is a journey that we must make together.

To Newsec, a sustainable future is both an obligation and an opportunity. An obligation because the built environment in its construction and upkeep accounts for nearly two fifths of global CO2 emissions, which places us front and center when it comes to providing environmental perspectives. Even small changes make a big difference – and we will not settle for small changes.

At the same time, our broad portfolio under management and comprehensive reach, as well as our role in bringing renewable energy to the market, add up to a unique leverage point from which we can move towards our vision of transforming real estate, and beyond.

Sustainability is also a healthy way of doing business. The demand for services to aid property owners and investors in reducing their negative footprints is greater than ever. Energy efficiency is a topic in every country around the world, as is obtaining quality data from which to draw informed insights. At the same time, green investments are booming, and the global energy system is in transition.

Our portfolio and network of partners also provide a multitude of angles from which to address many of society’s fundamental social questions.

The work we do at Newsec starts with a human perspective – making sure our employees are enabled, so that they in turn can be enablers. We firmly believe that is the only way to achieve the innovation we need to steer us in the right direction.

With this report, we summarize our ESG performance for 2021. But we also plant our flag further ahead, looking into a future which promises dire challenges as well as unique opportunities.


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Björn Tiderström Chief Corporate Development Officer, Newsec +46706341337