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Nordic Ski Report 2023/24

The Nordic countries—primarily Sweden, Norway, and Finland—offer cold winters and reliable snowfall. The Nordic region boasts over 500 ski resorts, representing approximately 8% of all global ski resorts. These resorts have thrived, providing excellent conditions and a lack of crowds due to the region's modest population of 20 million, with 85% of skiers being domestic.

From the report

Ski resorts with amazing conditions for skiing, in regions with an unexploited property market that are seeing massive amounts of money being pumped into investments in green infrastructure - that, to us, sounds like a match made in heaven. In this report, we’ve looked at the commercial property market across some of the major skiing markets in the Nordics. We’ve identified interesting trends and a clear potential across many markets – compared to the Alps, there’s huge potential across the board. In many of the smaller resorts not covered in this report, there basically is no commercialized market at all – meaning even more potential. Hidden gems, with amazing IRR, in arguably the most liquid commercial real estate markets in the world – have we piqued your interest? Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about some of the opportunities that we see.


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