The future of real estate is digital

Today’s properties must meet ever higher demands: new technology, digital solutions, and sustainability requirements. And the properties that don’t meet these requirements risk becoming unattractive in the long run.

Many property owners lack the time, skills and resources needed to make the right decisions, choose the right technical solution, and simply keep up with the digital transformation of the property industry. That’s why we offer Newsec Digital Accelerator, dedicated to helping property owners keep up with the digital transformation of their properties.

Our specific aim is to help property owners become more sustainable, make efficiency gains, and increase the value of their portfolios by packaging technology and services together as a prepared solution. With connected buildings, property companies can create higher customer experience and flexible spaces for their tenants while meeting increasing regulatory requirements and demands from investors. Christoffer Börjesson, Head of Newsec Digital Accelerator, Newsec

Digitalization is the way forward

Participating in the digital transformation of the property industry is becoming an increasingly important part of achieving business goals. Digitalization is also a tool to meet growing demands for sustainability and reduced climate impact, while at the same time meeting increased energy supply needs. In the digital transformation, properties are a key part of the smart and sustainable city in everything ranging from energy systems to logistics, deliveries, and mobility services.

Customers and businesses want smart and sustainable buildings

Tenants, banks, authorities, public authorities, and the world at large are increasingly demanding connected and sustainable properties. In practice, this may include:

  • Smart solutions for flexible working, such as mobile access, visitor management, and check-in as well as digital booking of workspaces and meeting rooms — ideally in custom-built apps for internal use, but also external apps for tenants.
  • Properties and spaces that have the potential to be productive and thriving places for work, commerce, and living.
  • Properties that comply with the energy and environmental standards set by the authorities and the wider community and meet the climate targets of our society.
To meet the requirements, more technology needs to be incorporated into the properties, such as connected systems to deliver data securely. This in turn leads to challenges that are often new to property owners, such as concerns about IT security. Christoffer Börjesson, Head of Newsec Digital Accelerator, Newsec

When digitizing properties, you also need to consider the following:

  • Security and scalability — both with respect to networks and information management.
  • One source of information, a strategy to gather data from different systems in the property in a central location to structure it and publish it to services and applications.
  • Better predict and plan operational and maintenance activities and automate many management processes.
  • Information from the property that provides fact-based insights. It enables property owners, together with Newsec, to better order purchases, measures, and technical solutions and to reduce costly systems or optimize space in an office.

All in all, many different choices of technologies, applications and suppliers are needed to address the individual challenges. Property owners face the challenge of establishing the strategy and framework for all choices of technologies, companies and, most importantly, how the exchange of data between system should be carried out.

Newsec Digital Accelerator — Ecosystem providers for the digital building

At Newsec, we provide the framework for planning, specifying, and delivering a digital property. We do this by using known technologies and proven platforms, and ultimately putting together and delivering a comprehensive digital strategy for the property that looks at the entire digital ecosystem.

For property owners, we coordinate and package different suppliers’ systems and services into a complete solution and take responsibility for operations. We identify digital potential to enhance the customer experience in the property, work in a more data driven way for cost efficiency, identify new revenues and meet the high standards in sustainability.

Our focus for the digital property:

  • Establishing a secure technical network. The “highway” to consistently connect systems and gain insights from the products and systems that are connected.
  • Establishing a monitoring infrastructure to carry out technical measurement of energy systems (water, heating, cooling, and electricity) in the property. Sensors can also be installed for so-called insight measurement, which can include measuring how the premises are used or movement patterns.
  • Automation infrastructure. Integrating with existing building automation systems to extract information on operations as well as data on performance and alarms from the property.
  • Digital twin. A digital copy and data model of the property using drawings and documents to digitally describe the property and have all information consolidated and represented in one place.

With our infrastructure and monitoring, property owners get a data-driven analysis and facts that provide insights into what is driving costs in the property, what is consuming energy, what potential there is for efficiency improvements and measures, as well as opportunities for efficient battery and charging infrastructure.

Christoffer Börjesson Head Digital Accelerator, Newsec +46 70 274 00 05